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I Navid Atrvash, Architectural Photography, green land wasn’t following Game of Thrones closely enough to realise that the crypt is the last place you, the leader of the White Walkers (and the wights), marches on the city. If he raises his arms then those who just died in battle — or those long dead in a crypt — will rise up and shiraz continue the Mehrdad Iravanian fight as his relentless zombie army. Architects have certainly paid attention to memorials, monuments, tombs, vaults, mausoleums and necropolises.

House No.18

Architect: Mehrdad Iravaninan
Shiraz | Iran

 توجه به اقلیم محل مدرسه در جهت استفاده بهینه از انرژی تابشی خورشید می باشد. روش تحقیق مقاله حاضر کمّی و انجام محاسبات با نرم افزار شبیه ساز می باشد، و به منظور مدل سازی از نرم افزار اکوتکت 2011 استفاده گردیده است. جامعه آماری این تحقیق مدارس ساخته شده توسط سازمان نوسازی مدارس استان فارس، بر اساس پلان تیپ اقلیم گرم و خشک، می باشد. در این راستا یک مدرسه 6 کلاسه ابتدایی تیپ 2- 1926 به روش second, to justify the necessity of utilizing passive design in buildings. For this purpose, we performed quantitative simulations to assess the heat dissipation in a school building which we chose as the sample. The Ecotect software was used to develop a model. In this case study, the research population consisted of the listed schools designed by Fārs Province School Renovation Organization based on hot-arid climate plan. The research sample was a type 1926-2, six-classroom primary school in Shirāz which was chosen based on نمونه گیری غیر احتمالی، هدفمند انتخاب شد و تأثیر استفاده از عایق حرارتی در جداره های ساختمان این