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Navid Atrvash, Architectural Photographer

I Navid Atrvash, Architectural Photography , green land wasn’t following Game of Thrones closely enough to realise that the crypt is the last place you Architectural Photography.نوید عطروش عکاس معمار مهرداد ایروانیان شیراز. مجموعه گرین لند صدرا طراحی معماری عکاسی

want to be when the green land, the leader of the White Walkers (and the wights), marches on the city. If he raises his arms then those who just died in battle — or those long dead in a crypt — will rise up and continue the Mehrdad Iravanian fight as his relentless zombie army. Architects have certainly paid attention to memorials, monuments, tombs, vaults, mausoleums and necropolises.

Green Land Exhibition

Architect: Mehrdad Iravanian
Shiraz | Iran

green land atrvash

Navid Atrvash

A crypt is a secure and Navid Atrvash hidden underground vault to protect the dead from desecration. But it Architectural Photography turns into its opposite when the dead become the Mehrdad Iravanian threat. The dead rise up and attack any living being within reach, and make more dead — and more murderous wights — according to Navid Atrvash zombie logic.

“What horrifies the living is not an empty tomb but a messed-up and exhumed tomb. The architectural policy of the solid does not reject destruction or deconstruction but escapes exhumation … deflowering the face (‘white wall / Navid Atrvash, Architectural Photography , green land Guattari), marring and mangling it … by messing up the surfaces, scratching … skinning … eating … turning to dust … cutting into the core, with bare hands, daggers and krises, nails and enzymes … saliva and breath … shovel and plow. Exhumation is wholly criminal and immoral, but further, it is basically polluting and infecting as it undergoes surface collision, necrotizing the architecture, proliferating hot and cold surfaces into each other, letting the cold space of a tomb evaporate and the reek of bodies rise up — resurrection of the defiled body. The cold cannot be reheated; only messed up” (51). [ellipses are in the original]

عکاسی معماری نوید عطروش ایروانیان شیراز Navid Atrvash, Architectural Photography , Green land, green land

I’m researching the city, its codes, ciphers and hacks. The connection between encryption (Navid Atrvash, Architectural Photography , green land) Mehrdad Iravanian and the underground crypt in a church or castle (a hidden place) Architectural Photography is obvious. Less obvious are the contradictions and imaginary perils Navid Atrvash entailed in housing the dead.