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Braided Photos

My Digital Artwork

In this collection, each work has two paradoxical aspects. one is a micro aspect that could be considered as a quite realistic snapshot of daily life or physical objects. The other is macro which is a dramatically abstract image with intangible shapes. This is the geometrical result of the systematic amplification of the micro aspect.

At first glance, the process of conversion from micro to macro aspect does not create a third phenomenon. There is nothing between the two pictures. But from the initially absolute realistic picture to the extreme abstraction, there is a distance as narrow as a hair strand. Time stands here, in the middle of these two images, and stunningly repeats one of the innumerable scenes of life in a succession of its moments.

It is an illustration full of colors and patterns without any meaningful relationship with the content recorded by the camera, or in a way, another interpretation of René Magritte’s pipe painting. The harsh reality these pictures represent is that in a scene at a certain time and fixed repetition pattern, just a small alteration in the viewport and the selected angel or even a different crop of the moment leads to a completely diverse result. In fact, the final quality of the overall picture is not determined by the subject nor its content and event, but the “framing”- as the key component of forming a photo with all the metaphors that bring out from the look and life- sets the quality.

Here, the question is not about how intelligently has been thought in terms of overall outcome through the creation of these scenes, In fact, those products of repeated moments of life, those bright and attractive colors of infinite geometric shapes, those pointless abstractions which occur by repetition and reproduction and those meaningless images independent of their components are the most sincere expressions of a holistic and long-sighted view of life’s moments. Dealing with these works, the seeking audience might look to discover the generating cells of each picture or tries to find a scene, object, or something familiar.

Perhaps the audience stays suspended and floating in the abstract atmosphere of the artworks needless to search for any mundane anchor in the image, supposes as if  ” It is not our business to fathom the mystery of rose, Perhaps our business is to float within the magic of the rose.”