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I am Navid Atrvash, photographer and visual artist, M.arch graduate from Collage of Fine Arts-University of Tehran.

I was born in Shiraz, Iran in an art loving family. My father is a painter and photographer, whom he was born in one of the historical houses of Shiraz, Atrvash house, and my mother is also a painter.
I learned to paint from a very young age and after I started college in the field of Architecture, photography became one of my important tools for expressing art.

At the age of 21 I had my first solo photography exhibition in Kerman Contemporary Art Museum and held different solo and group exhibitions after that. In 2016, I showed my first digital art collection at Vista Gallery in Tehran, Iran by the name of “Braided Photos” ,which the collection is still expanding. From 2018 I started working as a professional architectural photographer and has been working with great architects and firms ever since.

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